Konnekt Smartdrinks introduces a new category of products and would therefore bring about a lasting change in the consumption of unhealthy sodas and energy drinks. The development of the Konnekt Smartdrinks stems from the ambition to offer a healthy alternative. Through an innovative development method and using the body's natural energy and amino acid additions, it has been possible to develop three healthy and delicious Smartdrinks, each with its own functionality.


The story

Its founder, James Russell Reid, has launched Konnekt Smartdrinks in 2014 starting with the realization of his dream to formulate healthy (and functional) body's natural ingredients, like amino acids, in a refreshing soft drink.


He was shocked by the unhealthy amounts of sugars, artificial sweeteners and additives in most soft drinks and energy drinks. He also discovered that most people benefit from an extra shot of specific amino acids and other body's natural substances, that play a vital role in the body and the brain. Good examples are amino acid L-arginine and a-GPC.


To develop his drink with natural ingredients and added amino acids, Russell has teamed up with renowned scientists. Through an innovative development method and a unique product formulation they have succeeded in developing three Smartdrinks, based on natural ingredients and each with their own functionality.


Brand Name

The Konnekt name originated from the connection between brain and body. Amino acids and other body's natural substances are essential in order to achieve an optimal functioning of this connection.