September 2018 An interesting article in the FD about reducing sugars. (in dutch)

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August 2018 The Science behind Konnekt. Now available for you to read!

June 2018 Regio Food Valley wrote an informative article about Konnekt!

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March 2018 Konnekt Smartdrinks is nominated for packaging award 2018!

January 2018 Konnekt Smartdrinks delivers first pallet of Smartcans to NH Schiphol

"We are delighted to have Konnekt Smartdrinks on board" according to NH manager.

November 2016 Konnekt Smartdrinks at Tribes event & opening

Konnekt was present at Tribes event Flight Forum in Eindhoven and at the opening of Tribes Zuidas in Amsterdam.

June 2016 Konnekt pitches at Factory Campus, Metro Group

Konnekt Smartdrinks, the innovator and pioneer of functional drinks were invited to pitch at the Metro Group factory campus. This is the largest Startup Campus of Europe. With an audience of Metro clients and investors it was another great opportunity to show our Smartdrinks to the community and spread the buzz. The location was against the backdrop of an old factory building, recently purchased by the Metro Group. Great event, lot of interest in Konnekt Smartdrinks, and the next step for the Konnekt brand towards entering the german market.

May 2016 Konnekt Smartdrinks promoted as innovative and exciting new functional drink on Startup Fest Wageningen

More than 300 guests consisting of Startups and investors/companies attended this first time event. Exciting opportunity for Konnekt Smartdrinks to present itself as the new and innovative brand for beverages setting the new standard on quality and health. 

Many potential customers looking for new brands showed interest and definitely further developments looking very promising for Konnekt Smartdrinks, not only domestically but also in Germany, Belgium and the UK.

April 2016 Konnekt Smartdrinks introducing can ranges on WTCE in Hamburg

April 2016 Konnekt Smartdrinks at Tribes Utrecht

March 2016 Konnekt Smartdrinks at NH Schiphol Airport Hotel

February 2016 Konnekt Smartdrinks closes deal with NH Hotel Group

11-14 Januari 2016 Konnekt Smartdrinks op HORECAVA in RAI Amsterdam

18-12-2015 WAGENINGENCAMPUS.NL Founder Story: Konnekt Smartdrinks

17-12-2015 START-LIFE.NL Startup in de spotlight: Konnekt Smartdrinks

16-12-2015 Konnekt Smartdrinks Founder Russell Reid bij EDE FM BUSINESS CLUB RADIO