If you consciously choose for optimum health, Konnekt Smartdrinks are the best choice.


The current generation of soft drinks and energy drinks contain a concentration of bad sugars, artificial sweeteners and unhealthy additives. This causes increasingly overweight, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, most people benefit from an extra shot of specific amino acids and other body's natural substances, that play a vital role in the body and the brain.


Konnekt Smartdrinks contain

• 100% natural ingredients

• Only 36Kcal.

• Healthy body's amino acids

• Natural energy addition

• Natural sweetener from the stevia plant


Natural energy addition

Konnekt Smartdrinks are sweetenend with stevia extract and isomaltulose, a disacharide that releases its energy very gradually. Konnekt Smartdrinks don't contain unhealthy 'fast' sugars and total calories are low. Therefore Konnekt Smartdrinks are suitable to be drunk by diabetics and kids.


Nutritional information per 200 ml bottle

Calories: 150kJ / 36kcal

Fat: 0 g

Carbohydrates: 14 g

Protein: 0.6 g

Salt: 0 g